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Paula Price Biography Photo Paula Price Biography
Born: 11/11/1971
Aliases: Racquel Gold Constance

Date of Birth: November 11th, 1971
Birthplace: North Hollywood, California Current Resident in Brentwood, California
Assumed Aliases: Racquel Gold Constance
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 124 lbs
Waist: 26 Hips: 37
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Breast: 36D
Years Active: 1990-1995 (Started around 19 years old)
Tattoos Small butterfly right of top of mons; above outer right ankle

Paula Price, aka Raquel Gold, was born in North Hollywood, California. Right after she turned 18 she answered an ad in the paper to be a model. She was shy but needed the money so applied and began working right away - this was in 1989.
"I got into the biz through an ad in the paper. I needed a job, and for about three months, I looked at the modeling ad - didn't believe it - but called up, came in, and started working right away. The ad said you could make $150 to $2500 a day."

"I'd never been naked in front of a stranger before. I wasn't a virgin. I lost my cherry at age 18 when I was in love, and it happened. I haven't been with that many guys, including in the business. I only work with my boyfriend Eric Price," Paula told Hustler in 1991.

"I enjoy having sex in front of the camera. I prefer boy-girl. With girl-girl, getting head or giving head doesn't matter to me. Men eat pussy better than girls [a minority opinion among female performers]. Maybe girls feel more weird about being with other girls, and they don't want you to think they're gay."
For the next 5 years she continued to make XXX movies where she did amazing deep throat work and toured the USA as a feature dancer.

To clear the air Paula never ran a escort or dating service, but did star in ?D Cup Dating Service? so off with the rumors of Madame Paula for now at least.

During that time she married fellow porn star Eric Price whom she performed with and her little sister Brittany Price also got in the business (they did a movie together eventually).

In 1994 Paula Price was on stage dancing with her fire sticks. She poured alcohol down her tits and ran the sticks over it but her g-string soaked up too much alcohol. Paula Price had third degree burns down her chest and when the men watching her jumped on her to put out the flames they shattered her leg in three places.

While her professional life was going great her personal life was a train wreck. She often fought with her husband and were like oil and water but stuck it out until 1994.
In a recent excerpt on a fetish site listed in October 2005 the photographer gave these notes of a shoot with Paula and her sister: After I finished shooting the set of busty, deeply tanned XXX star Paula Price and her even more buxom redheaded sister Brittany bound together in humiliating, nude bondage, I wanted them to prove their submission!
The set of the nude, bound sisters was posted to the site several years ago.

I gave the girls a pair of black clothespins each, and ordered them to punish their sensitive nipples for my enjoyment! The punished girls complied, and I got a lot of pleasure from photographing their abasement! The poor girls whimpered and sobbed with pain as they disciplined their own nipples!

Brittany went further, pinching her nips with her red-nailed fingers! Now you get to enjoy their subjection!
Brittany never stripped professionally. "I was going to but Jim was going to send an entourage of big guys with me, so I decided I wouldn't do it. He feared I'd get raped or murdered because back then stripping was new. Some girls did it, unlike now when everyone does it."

"My sister toured all over until she lit herself on fire in August 1994. I was seven months pregnant. She had two sticks which she lit and dipped in alcohol and then poured alcohol on her body. She was lucky that she had a g-string on because all the alcohol settled there and didn't burn. She was burned all around her crotch and all the way up. She was lucky her breast implants didn't explode. She had third degree burns on her left breast. Paula's had two major surgeries and is headed for a third one. She had huge bouncers who jumped on her to put the fire out and they shattered her leg in three different places."

"This ended her career and marriage. Her husband Eric [Price] was not caring or nurturing towards her. He called me the night it happened in Cleveland Ohio. "I'm divorcing her. You come get her. Paula's your responsibility. I'm sick of her shit."

"Paula was doped up on morphine and started talking crazy stuff that he was seeing someone else. For him, it was the last straw."
"So she came back to the Sherman Oaks Burn Center which treated her like a queen. She had all her surgeries here. He drove the motor home back. He started feeling guilty. Eric tried to be nurturing but at the same time was not nurturing. When she got home from the hospital he told her to get off her crutches and "come help me do the laundry." They're now going through a divorce and play games with each other.
"She's got a new boyfriend who takes good care of her. Her skin grafts came out wonderfully but her new boyfriend doesn't want her in the biz."

"I told her [Paula] one day, 'take your finger and put in a jar of rubbing alcohol. And light it.' She lit it and it stung her," remember Eric."'See how quick it takes for you to burn. Don't ever do that.'

"She used these fire sticks in her show that were soaked with alcohol and she'd rub them along her arms, leaving a trail. The alcohol would then burn off without burning her. She thought she could take the rubbing alcohol and pour it down her chest and mimic what she did with the sticks... She did it but did not anticipate her cotton G-string soaking up the alcohol."

"Somebody [that fateful night 8/94] had stolen a piece of her costume. So she asked me to run an errand. I grabbed a bouncer and gave him a fire extinguisher and a wet towel. I told him, 'if anything happens, if it is small, use the towel. If it is big, if she's in jeopardy, hit her with the fire extinguisher.'

"I went up to her dressing room. And came back to the DJ who was playing the wrong song. He started to play the right song. She'd poured the rubbing alcohol down her chest... From the top of a two-story staircase, I saw this flame come over her hip. She stands up and screams... She runs off the stage. I leap down the stairs to tackle her. She jumped off the stage and broke her ankle. As she ran, flames came up her shoulders and her hair was on fire. I jumped on top of her on the carpet and put out the fire."

"It was a tragic scene. I'll never get over that. It's haunted me for a long time. And in some ways, I still feel responsible for it. That I should've stayed with her."

"Getting burned changed her life, took her out of work. She was on crutches for weeks but she was able to get around. I had to do a lot for her but I didn't want to do everything. Not stuff she could still do. She started to wear me down."

Her husband claimed he had had enough of Paula and left her soon after. Paula never returned to porn. She is now the mother of two children and is very happy and with her newfound career.

Porn Star Paula Price is a striking brunette with long legs, a perfect butt, and a mouth-wateringly huge set of breasts. Paula Price's got a lean, rangy look about her and the slightly pouty, slightly slutty look of a high-school bad girl. She made her porno debut in 1989's 'Breaststroke 3,' just after her eighteenth birthday. Paula Price has proven herself to be a starlet to be contended with, developing quite a following among fans of youthfully exuberant hardcore. She often appears with off-screen beau Eric Price, and the two can always be counted on for fireworks.

Paula loved the porn biz so much she got her sister Brittany into it, and appearing in a movie only 6 months after she started. Paula is a master in the art of oral stimulation who never met a stud she couldn't handle. Noone questions her abilities in the bedroom, and she is still known for being one of the most arousing women of the 90's

"My mom's in her 40s (1995) and she knows what we do. She likes to hear about the business from us... and then there are parts of her that don't want to accept it."

"I'm about to go out on a dance tour. When guys get excited about me and they're about to burst, and I know I'm causing it, it give me a feeling of power. I like all the attention."

Porn videotape editor Steve Andrews ranks Paula among the top three all – time deep throat artists, along with Brittany Stryker and Linda Lovelace. "Jeanna Fine is not my favorite. She always makes it look like it's an enormous effort to deep throat. Has to back up, do double takes, open her lips wider, strain some more to get to the bottom. No! The best swallowers’ make it look easy... no effort...Taking it all in from tip to base with flinching, without strain, without effort."

"She still looks good," says Paula's sister Brittany. "But she no longer has the desire to dance. Featuring is hard on a person when they're stressed out from the past five years of a rocky marriage."

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